Ready to meet the OmniBots?

OmniBots automate your workflows, saving you time, money and effort at every stage. We’ve built different Bots for specific tasks, allowing you to scale your team up or down your team with nothing but the click of a button. It’s the smartest way to simplify complex tasks without delay.

Here’s the team who will help you get things done.

The secure way to capture eSignatures

Give recipients the option to view, sign and exchange documents from any internet enabled smart device so that agreements and contracts can be legally executed without delay. Ideal for setting up direct debits, sealing deals and growing your business faster.

  • A fully EIDAS compliant electronic signature solution
  • Works seamlessly with existing in-house technologies
  • Securely send multiple documents for eSignature
  • Countersign/Witness sign the secure way
  • Automated text and email chase cycle
  • Industry leading conversion statistics of 85% plus
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use platform with seamless functionality

Finally get third-party software solutions talking

Being constantly slowed down by legacy technologies that don’t communicate with one another? This OmniBot acts as a universal translator so that they all speak the same language and pull in the same direction. Perfect when you need full API integration with 100% up time.

  • Guaranteed data integrity ensures you can grow faster than ever before
  • Makes sure all data is processed, formatted and delivered when needed
  • Never misses a thing so you can finally make your software work for you

Your ‘Digital Origami OmniBot’ You create the rules and this OmniBot does the hard work for you, dynamically creating your paperwork packs

OmniDocs allows you to build any pack type in terms of required documents and actual document content, and add digital signature capture. It’s the quick and easy way to deliver real value to your clients without delay.

  • Creating complex documents becomes so much simpler with the right Bot
  • Tailor your content to the individual needs of the recipient with ease
  • Streamline internal document creation with a Bot who never forgets a thing

The collaboration Bot that acts as a CRM, giving other businesses a real-time window to view their specific function within the overall business process .

Seamlessly collaborate with other businesses, pass data between networks, and never have to chase for manual updates ever again. It’s what happens when you employ an intelligent Bot that delivers full visibility of all audited transactions.

  • Enjoy full visibility in real time thanks to a Bot who’s always working
  • Build seamless collaboration with other businesses the smart way
  • Understand everything with fully audited transactions and no need to chase

The OmniBot that helps your clients easily upload anything.

Need your clients to be able to quickly and easily upload documents, videos, IDs or POAs? Put this stand alone Bot to work without delay and you’ll be able to streamline the document collection process the smart way.

  • A secure upload system handles all files in line with the latest standards
  • Works seamlessly with existing in-house technologies
  • Can be quickly and easily integrated with your existing in-house processes
  • Accelerate your onboarding processes by giving every customer a simple solution
Step 1
Process Review

This is where we dive deep into your business or organisation, identifying unneeded resources, bottlenecks and places where your new team of OmniBots can add real value.
Step 2
The OmniBots Arrive

We link your bots together to provide an optimally efficient automated solution to any internal processes you want to improve. And because the Bots are intelligent, they’ll work seamlessly with any in-house tech from day one.
Step 3
Your Business Grows

We deliver a custom team of OmniBots who are as invested in the success of your business as you are. To make sure nothing is overlooked, our solutions are always GDPR compliant, follow all EIDAS Regulations and fully secure and tested.