Ready to hire the OmniBots?

Our pricing system is designed to be simple and straight forward, just like our Bots. It is based on both a license and a transactional based model and can be tailored to suit your process architecture. This gives you the flexibility to create your own bespoke team of OmniBots who will personally deal with any of your business requirements, regardless of complexity.

The result is a fast, efficient and transparently priced solution that takes care of everything you need, and nothing more:
  • License & Transactional based pricing
  • License fees from as little as £100 per month available for Direct Debit payments
  • License fees are be based on the number of OmniBots used and the complexity of the process in question
  • Transaction fees of £1 per transaction will be charged when using OmniSign as part of your process architecture (Credit top up function available)
  • A transaction is defined as a set of documents requiring signature(s) with a pre-defined chase cycle of 5 text messages and 5 emails

Put all of this together and you have a simple way to massively streamline and accelerate complex, time-consuming tasks without delay. Why settle for anything less…