Automating your business

Welcome to OmniTech and a whole new approach to work

Time to work smarter not harder

OmniBots take care of the hard work and never need a day off

Now you can outsource time-consuming, resource heavy processes to self-learning robots that get the job done. It’s the stress-free way to give yourself the time and energy you need to focus on high-value creative tasks.

Here’s why businesses across every industry come to us:

  • We’re a leading technology provider trusted on every level
  • We specialise in digitising and automating complex internal processes
  • We know how to deliver solutions that increase efficiency and ROI
  • We work in the Cloud so you can scale your business the smart way

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Why do you need this?

AI is not science fiction

AI is already being used by businesses around the world to get things done quickly and efficiently

Here’s just a few of the ways our OmniBots can streamline your business activities:

  • Signing: Secure, legally binding, EIDAS compliant electronic signatures
  • Client Onboarding:T&C and ID requests
  • Smart Contact: Enjoy 2-way client communication
  • Back Office Automation:Legacy system connections
  • Interactive Data Collection:Distribute questionnaires
  • Automated Tracking: Make full use of in-built analytics
  • Appointment Scheduling: Plan your calendar the smart way

3 basic steps...

Step 1
Process Review

This is where we dive deep into your business or organisation, identifying unneeded resources, bottlenecks and places where your new team of OmniBots can add real value.
Step 2
The OmniBots Arrive

We link your bots together to provide an optimally efficient automated solution to any internal processes you want to improve. And because the Bots are intelligent, they’ll work seamlessly with any in-house tech from day one.
Step 3
Your Business Grows

We deliver a custom team of OmniBots who are as invested in the success of your business as you are. To make sure nothing is overlooked, our solutions are always GDPR compliant, follow all EIDAS Regulations and fully secure and tested.

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